Baby's First Birthday

Baby's First Birthday
Planning the Party

Planning your baby's first birthday can really depend on how much you'd like to spend. Some parents like to go all out, but most prefer to keep it simple. One way to keep things simple is to have the party in your home or, if the weather permits, in your backyard. Food doesn't have to be too complicated – pizza, hot dogs or hamburgers are easy items that typically go over well. Just be sure to cut up all food (especially hotdogs) to avoid a choking hazard. And remember you don't have to invite everyone – you may want to consider inviting only a few close friends and family members. You don't want to overwhelm your baby. Too many people, too much attention, and too many loud noises can sometimes give her a bit of a scare.


Decorations should be kept simple and fuss-free. Balloons are a fun, cheerful and inexpensive option, but make sure they're placed away from where your baby could pop them (off the floor, for example). The loud bang from a popped balloon could turn your baby's cheers into tears. Also, pieces of a popped balloon are a choking hazard, so be sure to pick them up if one pops. Watch out for small pieces of ribbon or bows as well, as they can be a choking hazard. When choosing balloons, consider getting foil balloons since they're harder to pop and tend to do so with less of a bang.

Getting Her Ready

It's usually a good idea to give your baby a nap before the party and to keep the party fairly short. The last thing you want is a fussy birthday girl. To get your baby ready for the party, pick out one of your favorite baby outfits and give her a bath. When bathing her, use a gentle cleanser specially formulated for babies, such asJOHNSON'S® Moisture Care Baby Wash and a gentle shampoo formulated not to sting her eyes, such as JOHNSON'S® Baby Shampoo. After the bath, you can give her that wonderful baby-fresh scent by using a gentle baby moisturizer, such asJOHNSON'S® Baby Lotion, or for drier skin, try JOHNSON'S® SOOTHING NATURALS™ Nourishing Lotion.

Getting a Little Messy

Things are sure to get a bit messy, especially at eating time (and when there's cake involved), so you may want to put a washable sheet or cloth under the dining area. Also, you may want to hand out a few washable bibs to other parents for their little ones, and you may want to put a bib on the birthday girl as well. You can use any JOHNSON'S® cleanser for a gentle hand and face washing before and after mealtime. Because there are bound to be a few germs passed back and forth amongst the young guests (especially during playtime), it's also important to wash your baby's hands to help keep her healthy. Encourage adults at your party to wash their hands as well, as they can also pass along germs.


You're baby is sure to receive plenty of gifts – although she may be more interested in the wrapping paper than the present itself. Be sure to pick out age-appropriate items for gifts. Consider choosing items that promote learning and encourage creativity, such as books, stackable items and blocks.

Your baby's first birthday is an exciting moment. Be sure to take pictures and have lots of fun. It's a moment you'll never want to forget.

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