Baby's First Portrait

Baby's First Portrait
Sometimes sitting in front of the camera can be a bit scary for your baby or toddler, especially if she is in a new place and there's a photographer, rather than you, taking the picture. To keep your little one calm, one mom suggests talking to her ahead of time about the experience and offering a reward, such as visiting a favorite play place after the picture has been taken. Another mom recommends going in the afternoon after your child has had a nap and a meal. You can also play games that she's familiar with at home, such as peekaboo, while the photographer snaps a picture.

Getting Your Baby Ready

Make sure your baby is looking her best for her portrait by giving her a bath beforehand. Try using a gentle, moisturizing baby cleanser to nourish and cleanse your baby's skin, such asJOHNSON'S® Moisture Care Baby Wash. After her bath, you can moisturize her skin with JOHNSON'S® Baby Lotion, which has that wonderful baby-fresh scent. For drier skin, you can tryJOHNSON'S® SOOTHING NATURALS™ Nourishing Lotion.

As you're getting her ready, pick out one of your favorite outfits for her to wear. Make sure it fits well and avoid any busy fabrics or large frills, as these can detract from your baby's smiling face! If it's a group shot, try to get coordinating colors for everyone. Keep your baby's hair trim and simple, ribbons and barrettes shouldn't be too big. Use JOHNSON'S® Baby Shampoo when bathing her to leave her growing hair soft, shiny and clean.

Having your baby's picture taken is quite a momentous occasion. You'll be left with a beautiful photograph you'll want to keep forever.

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