Bathing Safety

Here are some tips to keep baby happy and safe at bath time: 
Set your hot-water heater at 120 degrees or lower. 

Gather everything you need beforehand. Never leave your baby alone in the bath or on the changing table, not even for an instant. A child can drown in less than an inch of water. 

If the phone rings - ignore it! Let the answering machine pick up. 

Fill the tub with only 2 to 3 inches for newborns and infants up to six months old and never more than waist-high (in sitting position) for older children. 

Test the water temperature to be sure it's not too hot - between 90 and 100°F is ideal. 

In a large tub, use a non-slip mat and a supportive plastic bath seat if your baby needs help sitting up. 

Cover the bathroom floor with non-slip rugs. 

Teach your child to sit in the tub at all times. 

Consider using a padded faucet cover to prevent bumps and burns, especially if your child is active. 

Bathing can be fun! Bath time isn't just for getting clean! Try these activities for fun in the tub: 

Play peek-a-boo with a rubber ducky or other water-friendly toy, dipping the toy under the water and bringing up onto your baby's belly, shoulder, etc. 

Add a plastic boat or other floating device to the water and show your baby how the toy rocks when the water is splashed. 
Punch holes in the bottom of an empty yogurt container. Fill it with bath water and make it "rain" in the tub. 

Make a hand puppet by sewing washcloths together. Have the puppet sing or talk in a funny voice as you soap your baby with it. 

Make "bath-soup" using spoons, measuring cups, strainers and other cooking utensils to stir and mix the water. 
Anything plastic that floats, splashes, or squirts makes a great bath toy. Remember to clean the toys in hot soapy water.